Eve Sussman

Jacques Louis David, Rape of Sabine Women, 1799

Jacques Louis David, Rape of Sabine Women, 1799

Na senda dos artistas que buscam inspiracão directa em obras do passado, poucos batem Eve Sussman. Na Whitney Biennal em 2004, apresentou 89 seconds at Alcazar onde assume o quadro de Velazquez Las Meninas como um film still, imaginando as cenas que precederam aquele momento num filme de 12 minutos em loop, “as if it were a fleeting gesture that continues as part of the movement of daily life”. Filmado em alta definicao, o filme mostra em 360graus o que se passava no palacio real dos Habsburgos.

Numa escala ainda mais ambiciosa, tres anos mais tarde apresentou The Rape of the Sabine Women, reinterpretando aquele mito romano, tantas vezes pintado durante a Idade Moderna, sendo a mais famosa das representacoes, aquela pintada por Jacques-Louis David em 1799. Na versao de 80 minutos de Sussman, a historia é passada nos anos 60, tendo como um dos cenários o aeroporto de Tempelhof em Berlim. Ambos os filmes tiveram a producao da Rufus Corporation e coreografia a cargo da portuguesa Claudia de Serpa Soares.

The Rape Of The Sabine Women was conceived as allegory based loosely on the ancient myth that follows Romulus’ founding of Rome. Re-envisioning the myth as a 1960’s period piece with the Romans cast as G-men, the Sabines as butchers’ daughters, and the heyday of Rome allegorically implied in an affluent international style summer house, this version is a riff on the original story of abduction and intervention, in which Romulus devises a plan to ensure the future of the empire. While the Roman myth traces the birth of a society, this telling suggests the destruction of a utopia. The intervention of the women is fraught, and the chaos that ensues transforms the designed perfection into nothingness.

The Rape… is a video-musical conceived in an operatic five act structure that opens in Berlin’s Pergamon Museum, moves to the S-Bahn and Tempelhof Airport, Athens’ Agora meat market, a classic modern 60’s dream house overlooking the Aegean, and finally, Athens’ Herodion Theatre. Forgoing the compromise of the original, the Rufus Corporation’s re-imagining pits mid-twentieth century ideals against the eternal themes of power, longing, and desire. A modern process piece created in improvisation-a product of 180 hours of video footage and 6000 photographs-the video with 7.1 sound installation features compositions by Jonathan Bepler, recorded live on site , incorporating a bouzouki ensemble, a Pergamon coughing choir, and a chorus of 800 voices“.

The Rape of the Sabine Women, by Eve Sussman

The Rape of the Sabine Women, by Eve Sussman

Look at the treile e review no NY Times.


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