Ainda Partridge’s

A queda do Partridge’s e’ triste e neste artigo do Evening Standard de ontem explicam-se algumas das razoes que levaram ao ponto em que esta’. As razoes sao tambem as mesmas que levaram tantos outros antiquarios a desaparecer.
Quem o escreve, Oscar Humphries, tanto se sente bem a falar das coisas que vendia no Partridge’s como na sua nova posicao como director da Sebastian+Barquet, galeria dedicado a classicos do design do seculo XX. E por isso, as palavras nao novas – mas sabias – do Oscar sabem bem ouvir. Pelo menos sabemos que a probabilidade de estarmos no rumo certo e’ alta:

“It is vital to this industry that they attract a new generation of enthusiasts — something that Partridge’s chief competitor, Mallett, realised early on. Mallett sells 18th-century furniture as well as design classics from the 20th. This is the future of the business: the best things, regardless of when they were made.
Today’s great collectors can source from the past, the near past, and the present. They can buy Tang horses and beautiful ebonised 18th-century console tables above which they can hang a Jeff Koons or a Cy Twombly. (…) To sell antique furniture in today’s market — a difficult one even before the financial crisis — you have to understand contemporary taste and recognise that modern design can’t be dismissed as fashion, just as in the modern market the antique can’t be dismissed as obsolete and dead.”


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