Master of the Blue Jeans

Master of the Blue Jeans (Didier Aaron, Galerie Canesso, photo Thomas Hennocque)

“Formerly attributed to artists from Michael Sweerts, Diego Velazquez and Georges de La Tour to the generic Neapolitan School, these seven paintings have been identified by Ms. Gruber as probably sharing a common hand, whose signature inclusion of a blue cloth with a white-thread weave typifies the famous Genoese fabric. (This forerunner to modern denim derives its name from ‘Genes’ in French, which became ‘Geanes’ in seventeenth-century English.) All the exhibited works depict this material worn by various figures, as in the torn apron of the Woman Sewing with Two Children.”

At Didier Aaron Inc, from Jan 20 to Feb 4 2011.


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