Warhol Market

Para perceber um pouco o mercado das obras de Warhol importa ler estes dois textos. Um de Jerry Saltz, outro de Sarah Thronton. O mercado continuará desta maneira por uns anos, mas duvido que esta ilusão dure muito. Pelo menos, quem está a aguentar o seu mercado – Gagosian, Mugrabi, Segalot, Cohen, Brant – nao durará para sempre.

The Warhol market is intriguing. There is clearly genuine demand for the “American Picasso”. Yet the lots that are underbid by dealers or go from dealer-collector to dealer-collector inflate prices and create the appearance of trading volume in a way that is hard to track. And irrevocable bids often lead to public performances of private deals that are far more opaque than auction houses let on. Whatever the case, it would appear that collectors and dealers with an affinity for Warhol have a clear sense of the auction room as a marketing platform.”

This all means there are enough works available for a herd mentality to take hold, as it certainly has. With Warhol, the in-crowd is all-in. Paying inflated sums for his instantly recognizable work is proof that you’ve got good taste. Or rather, the right taste at no risk to social standing—or bottom line. You buy these because other people you know buy them and you think they’ll make you look like you know about art and investing. After all, when those other people buy them, the prices keep going up. It’s wealth 101: Money prefers going where other money already is.
(…) Collecting Warhol seems naughty but not really obnoxious. Hedge-funders and industry titans see themselves in him: the leader of a factory; the workaholic who empowers others to make things possible; the one who collects and hoards, who turns junk into art.”


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