My Fate

For connoisseurs, the indifference shown by the younger generations to 18th-century aesthetics means that marvelous acquisitions can occasionally be made at minimal cost.
Just do not bet on making money. The current disregard can only deepen as the willingness or ability to take in elaborate patterns in furniture and subtle nuances in pictures decreases in contemporary society.

Souren Melikian on The New York Times.


One thought on “My Fate

  1. In Los Angeles today, in an alley I noticed someone had thrown about 30 brand-new Sotheby catalogues into a recycling bin. I don’t know if you’re familiar with these but they are very slickly-produced guides to auction lots and cost about $30 each. I’ve heard the younger generation isn’t interested in, say, 19th-century English furniture. But it’s the first time I’ve seen these catalogues tossed like that. Until now, wherever I encountered them they were carefully guarded and prized.

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