Trophy art is becoming more and more irrelevant to my eyes and lately I find myself finding sculpture of all sorts surprising, revealing and an excellent counter balance to the lack of material values and principles with which some of that art is lived.

While a snowstorm painted New York white recently, the crowds looked for cover at MoMA, temple of trophy and post card art. I, with friends, did exactly the same and was suddenly surprised by the sculptures of Cy Twombly, things I did not even know that existed.  This special, and small, exhibition, presented the most subtle and mesmerising sculptures I have seen in a long time, a prefect complement for the white day happening.

On a different weather setting, and a couple of weeks later, I was at the Museu de Arte Sacra de Sao Paulo, a repository of the wonderful baroque spirit which travelled with the Portuguese to Brazil. Even if lacking the magnificence of the European originals, the images found there are wonderfully revealing expressions of devotion, images full of humanity.

And on that note, of humanity on sculpture, nothing beats the Spanish sculpture of the 17th and 18th centuries, which recently has been having a lot of international attention, specially after the exhibition at the National Gallery in London, Sacred Made Real. Therefore, it shouldn’t be missed, at the Museu Nacional de Arte Antiga in Lisbon, what must be a superb exhibition on this subject – Cuerpos de Dolor, with works by the masters of that time, Pedro de Mena, Pompeo Leoni, Alonso Cano and others.


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