Givenchy Collection at Christie’s Paris

“Givenchy’s vision for the display of the exhibition was inspired by a set of engravings representing another celebrated collection, that of the sculptor François Girardon (1628-1715). Probably the most influential sculptor in France under Louis XIV, Girardon amassed an extraordinary personal collection which comprised more than 800 items at the time of his death. Around 1708, Girardon commissioned René Charpentier to draw a selection of highlights from his collection, which was then engraved in a series of detailed plates by Nicolas Chevallier and Franz Ertinger. Significantly, the works of art were placed in an imaginary architectural setting designed by architect and ornamentalist Gilles-Marie Oppenordt. Those engravings constitute an important record of both Girardon’s own oeuvre, as well as the collecting patterns of one of the most important figures in the arts during Louis XIV reign.”


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