Welsh Exhibition + Catalogue

From Jorge Welsh Oriental Porcelain and Works of Art:

An important group of famille verte biscuit wares will be exhibited in our Lisbon gallery from the 17th of November to the 8th of December.

Famille verte biscuit wares are an exceptional group of refined Chinese porcelain. Distinguished by a bright colour palette, biscuit wares are generally made in small dimensions, in an astonishing variety of shapes such as figurines, animals, animal-shaped censers and ewers, scholar’s and other small practical items for use within the Chinese domestic environment, as well as religious icons made for personal devotion and worship. Extraordinary examples of craftsmanship, famille verte biscuit wares were produced at the kilns of Jingdezhen primarily during the Kangxi reign period (1662-1722). Biscuit wares were made using a distinctive technique: enamels were applied directly to the high-fired surface of a piece (known as the ‘biscuit’), often in combination with a very thin clear glaze wash. Famille verte biscuit became increasingly fashionable for the European market during the late 17th to 18th centuries.

This exhibition will present a selection of over 100 famille verte biscuit pieces, out of which the highlights will include a rare model of a hawk, a pair of recumbent horses and a figure of Guanyin. A group of porcelain wares relevant to the study of biscuit, such has biscuit blue and white figures and other related ceramics will also be on display.”


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