Me and my camera did not have time for much during the grand TEFAF-fest but below are part of the Conde da Povoa service by Paul Storr at Koopman, a wonderful painting by Orazio Gentilescchi on lapis-lazuli at Weiss Gallery, a detail of a lapis-lazuli bronze mounted athenienne from the Ekaterinburg workshops at Di Castro, a Rietveld chair at Ulrich Fiedler and a view from the entrance where the idea – which I support – that the only works by Joana Vasconcelos that matter are only good for decoration comes to life.

I could have bought – if only there was justice in the world – many many things, but I had to try to sell instead. If I had to choose one stand – besides Mallett, of course – Neuse’s was definitely the elected, not because of their group of Portuguese salvers, but probably because of the fantastic English tapestry “Don Quixote and Sancho Panza Tilting at Windmills”. Kugel stand was the usual wunderkammer, but nothing really astonishing, though I would have taken the micromosaic inlaid fireplace. (and the Dom Fernando silver gilt ewer – the same sold at Sotheby’s London last year).



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